A smart battery system for SME

Energy transition entrepreneurs under pressure to do their bit. Electrification of mobility is inevitable, while the construction of charging infrastructure and the need for cleaner, locally generated energy set the agenda.

All these developments raise interesting challenges. Power grids were never designed for this level of electrification, consumption and generation are often out of sync, and local energy management is lacking.

It calls for a new approach. An approach that is smarter and more locally oriented. Whereby grid dependence is reduced to a minimum and energy flows are stored and directed smartly locally.

Benefit of a smart battery system

Use energy cleaner

Use your selfgenerated clean energy whenever you need it.

Additional chargers

Charge more vehicles faster with more power.

Grid independent

No longer limited
by your grid connection.

Smart energymanagement

A smart battery system is placed in the middle (not literally) of your energy grid, which makes the smart battery system a conductor of your energy flows. Some of the functionalities of the battery system:

Additional chargers despite of grid congestion

a.s.r. Real Estate likes to cater to the needs of their tenants. Electric mobility is becoming increasingly important among their tenants. But how do you provide the right charging infrastructure when the property is in grid-congested areas?

Watch the video to learn how smart energy storage solves these challenges for a.s.r.

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Aspects of the business model

The revenue model of a smart battery system for the commercial and industrial sector often consists of the following components.


More self-consumption of generated solar energy is obviously a direct saving on energy bills.

More power

Upgrading your grid connection is a costly operation (provided there is space on the grid in your area), which is not necessary with a battery system.

Mobility certificates

Different European countries have their own version of it, but it all boils down to the same. By charging electric mobility (more sustainably), you can generate tradable certificates.

Imbalance trade

When an imbalance occurs on the energy grid and you help the grid operator fix it, you can get an interesting compensation for doing so.

EPEX Optimizer

The EPEX optimiser ensures charging or discharging at favourable energy prices. This further optimises the energy bill.

Fiscal benefits

With the purchase of a smart battery system there's usually the possibility to get interesting tax benefits, discounts or subsidies.

Which Cube is the right fit for you?​

Find out which smart battery system offers the best solution for your sustainability goal.