What is peak shaving and how does it work?

In short, peak shaving is a method of smoothing out power peaks. With an intelligent battery system, peak shaving can save companies quite some money. In what situations is peak shaving useful? And what are the other benefits? Continue reading for answers to these questions.

How does peak shaving with a smart battery work?

A company’s grid connection and contracted power determine how much electricity a company can draw from the grid. A smart battery monitors these limits and provides extra power when needed. The battery’s intelligent software learns from the company’s activities and the power they require, ensuring that the battery has enough energy to handle peaks in power consumption. Even if a machine suddenly needs a lot of power, the battery can deliver the right power in milliseconds, reducing the load on the grid. In essence, the battery works like a toilet tank: it fills up with electricity from the grid or solar panels and can be drained quickly when demand is high.

What are the benefits of peak shaving?

There are several benefits to using a smart battery for peak shaving. Firstly, you can run your business on a smaller and cheaper grid connection. In general grid operators look at peak consumption to determine needed power. If you have high peaks, the grid operator will take those peaks into account for your required contracted power and grid connection. However, at off-peak times you may need a smaller connection and less electricity. You also avoid fines for exceeding the grid connection.

With an intelligent battery, you are less dependent on the congested grid, so you can avoid timing or even reducing your business operations during peak times. Last but not least, peak shaving also relieves the grid.

When to consider peak shaving?

Peak shaving can be interesting when:

-the grid connection or contracted power is not sufficient for the peak power demands of large electric machines or fast chargers for electric trucks;
-a company is planning significant expansion or sustainability measures such as installing charging stations or electrifying machinery and equipment;
-the grid connection cannot be extended due to grid congestion.

Explore the possibilities for your business

If any of the situations above resonate with you and you are curious about the benefits of an intelligent battery, connect with us! We look forward to exploring the benefits of a smart battery system for your business together.

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