E. van Wijk Logistics becomes more sustainable without limitations

E. van Wijk Group – an international logistics company with more than 75 years of experience – continues to be innovative in a market full of challenges. The company wants to become more sustainable and is doing so, among other things, by adding sustainably charged e-trucks, a smart battery system and solar panels. And that’s not so easy, as the energy supply of their headquarter in Giessen is very limited by grid congestion.

Self-generated clean electricity

To charge the e-trucks sustainably and make optimal use of the E. van Wijk Group real estate, Zonnegilde is installing a solar power system with as many as 2,800 solar panels. Enough to generate 1,412 MWh of sustainable energy on an annual basis. “With Zonnegilde’s ‘Charging on Solar’ concept, we are helping companies in the transport sector in the next step to enable electric mobility.” said Gerard de Ruiter of Zonnegilde.
The solar power cannot be fed in to the grid because the local power grid is overloaded, so it must be fully utilized by E. van Wijk Group itself.


As a solution, iwell will install a smart battery system with a power of 1 MW and a capacity of 4.3 MWh. This way, despite grid congestion, the high power demanded by the e-truck fast chargers can still be supplied. At the same time, sufficient capacity is available to store and supply solar power to the fast chargers.

The smart battery system is integrated with the site’s biggest energy users and generators. The system controls the solar panels and fast chargers for the e-trucks, while monitoring the grid connection. In doing so, the smart battery system acts as a conductor of local energy flows. So there is always enough power available at the right time in the right place.

Preparing for a green future

As far as we are concerned, Ewout van Wijk – CEO of the E. van Wijk Group deserves credit for his vision of the future of the transport sector. He acknowledges that the energy transition is going to change the core of his business and is taking big steps to facilitate that transition. Energy and energy management are becoming an increasingly important part of his transport business. And instead of waiting for it, Ewout is already working on an all-electric revenue model. As iwell, we take great pride in being able to help the E. van Wijk Group with this.

Ewout van Wijk says he chose iwell because of “the intelligence and flexibility of the battery system around managing my energy on site and the proven track-record in a relatively new market”.

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