Our solutions

Our solutions

Experience the power of solar panels, charging stations and heat pumps working seamlessly together. Get the most out of your grid connection at the same time. Take control over your own energy with one of our smart battery systems, the Cubes.

With our smart storage solutions we enable copmanies to generate and use energy locally.

This enables for a cleaner and more predictable energy supply.


Make your sustainable
ambitions a reality.


Enable growth without any energy limitations or uncertainties.

Less dependent

Become less dependent
of your grid connection.

The Cubes

Our Cubes are all modulair, powerful and cater to a wide variety of applications. So for every energy challenge there’s a right Cube.

Power Cube

  • 30kW of power
  • Expandable capacity up to 144kWh
  • Expandable power up to 60kW

Power Cube Modular

  • 62,5kW of power
  • Expandable capacity up to 1MWh
  • Expandable power up to 500kW

Mega Cube Modular

  • from 500kW of power
  • Expandable capacity starting from 1MWh
  • Expandable power starting from 500kW

Power Cube

Our smallest yet still powerful model. Perfect for an SME that, for example, suffers from grid congestion and therefore cannot expand their grid connection.

Due to its high energy density, the Power Cube is relatively small but powerful.

Simply place another Power Cube next to the existing to expand power and capacity.

The Power Cube brings the flexibility to manage energy flows on a small scale.

Power Cube Modulair

De Power Cube Modular is our most flexible model. Can be installed both outdoors and indoors and is easily scalable in both power and capacity. Even after it has been installed.

Indoor or outdoor installation with a wide range of capacity and output.

Easily expandable by simply adding battery cabinets to the existing installation.

We can provide a skid platform which allows for easy cabling and installation.

Mega Cube Modular

Our most powerful battery system that scales easily to whatever power or capacity you need. Can be used for many heavy-duty applications.

Lots of power and capacity in an energy-dense system.

Easily scale the system to whatever power or capacity you need.

Can be placed in- or outside on the place you prefer.

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