Installation of smart battery system for Oegema Transport

Oegema Transport, based in Dedemsvaart, is preparing for a sustainable future in the transport sector with an innovative energy infrastructure project developed by Zonnegilde. Zonnegilde’s proposition called “Charging on Sun” is being put into practice with ‘launching partner’ Oegema. iwell recently installed a smart battery system for this project to store and manage the generated energy. ABB is supplying the fast chargers for the charging plaza.

The battery system – the so-called Mega Cube Modular – from iwell ensures that the fast chargers, e-trucks and solar panels work together seamlessly. As the director of the energy flows, the battery system makes sure the trucks are charged with as much solar generated energy as possible. Leveraging the smart battery system, the trucks can be charged even when the sun is not shining, and at the lowest possible price.

The Charging on Sun concept with smart battery system provides an interesting business model. The most sustainable energy (when the sun shines), is also often the cheapest energy. iwell’s Mega Cube Modular cleverly anticipates volatile market prices and then charges and discharges at the most favourable times.

In addition, it also generates ‘Hernieuwbare Brandstof Eenheden’ (HBEs), a sort of tradable certificate that generate extra revenue for clean charges, for Oegema while charging the e-trucks. This makes Oegema much less vulnerable to volatile energy prices, now and in the future. This is very important since electricity costs, for example because of the big energy need of e-trucks, are becoming an increasing part of operational expenses.

Oegema Transport’s Mega Cube Modular has a capacity of 3.225 MWh and a power of 1.5 MW. The system works seamlessly with a large 1.8 MWp solar energy system. This year, 6 e-trucks are charged by the smart energy system. Over time, this will be expanded to, as many as, 36 e-trucks. In the meantime Oegema has made the charging location public, so third parties can use the chargers for the electric vehicles.

At times when the battery is not used for charging e-trucks, the battery system is deployed by Eneco on the balancing markets. This ensures a more stable electricity grid and helps prevent imbalance in the grid.

Oegema Transport is showing that the transition to a sustainable transport sector is happening and already doable. Smart energy storage enables Oegema to overcome sustainability challenges such as grid congestion and volatile energy prices. The smart battery system makes for a predictable and guaranteed energy supply without the dependency of external factors.

Jan Willem de Jong, CEO of iwell, praises the innovative power of Zonnegilde and Oegema: “This project shows how the sustainable business model of a transporter can look like. It’s is ready for a future where more and more customers demand sustainable operations. Proud to be able to contribute to this with our smart software and battery”

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