How it works

How does a smart battery system work?

A smart battery system from iwell is like the director of your sustainable energy system. Experience the power of solar panels, charging stations and heat pumps working seamlessly together. Get the most out of your grid connection at the same time. Want to know which system works for your business? Do the quick-scan.

Synchronising demand and supply peaks.

solar energy.

Control and manage your own energy locally

Take control over your own energy

Generating clean energy, feeding it back or taking it from the grid, charging electric vehicles and electrifying business processes can be done smarter. A smart battery system acts as the director of your own mini-grid. By linking internal and external data sources, the battery system monitors your energy needs and context to ensure that there is always enough power available. Things like storing your own solar energy, optimising for the best energy price or synchronising with a trip plan.

PV Optimizer
Use solar power more efficent,
to save money and reduce
your CO2 emissions.
Virtual Power Plant trader
Maximize your profits by
entering the energy trading market
via the iwell Energy Community.
Charge Controller
Always have the maximum power
available for your charge infrastructure.

Why store energy?

The world is working to become more sustainable. That is why we are building windmills and putting solar panels on as many roofs as possible. A nice development, but it also creates challenges. After all, wind and sun are unpredictable sources of energy.

Our energy grid only works if the amount of energy generated and used is equal. Which makes unpredictable sources of energy tricky. The wind does not always blow equally hard and solar power is only available when the sun shines.

If we want to get all our energy from clean but unpredictable sources like sun and wind, we need to store clean energy at times of abundance. We use this energy at times of shortage, thus keeping the energy network in balance.

Our way of working

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