Grootschalige opslagsystemen

Take control over your own energy

Mega Cube Modular: the battery system for commercial and industrial use.

Grootschalige energie opslagsystemen

The grid is overloaded. Energy prices are skyrocketing. Customers expect sustainable operations. Solar power, batteries and electric truck charging are therefore obvious choices. But what is the business case? And how do you get the right amount of power to the right place at the right time? Check the:

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5 reasons for a Mega Cube battery

1. Optimise your grid connection

Your grid connection is regularly subjected to minimal load. With a battery, you can monetise this overcapacity.

2. The grid is full

Unfortunately. You’re not allowed by the grid operator to feed power back, or increase your grid connection. We make sure the lights are always on.

3. Expansion through growth

Your company is growing fast. You want to expand and may need an extra transformer station. Avoid investing in a transformer.

4. Fast charging of trucks

Charging electric trucks can increase yearly energy consumption of a logistics business quite dramatically: up to 10 fold the previous energy consumption. Bring the grid back into balance with a Mega Cube.

5. Add more solar panels

Install a solar roof that is almost three times as powerful as the maximum power of your grid connection.

Mega Cube for commercial use

Virtual Power Plant trader
Maximize your profits by entering the energy trading market via the iwell Energy Community.

PV Optimizer
Use solar power more efficent, to save money and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Charge Controller
Always have the maximum power available for your charge infrastructure.

Large-scale energy storage for logistics

On the one hand, extra space for further growth of industrial areas is limited. On the other hand, the Owners of commercial and industrial (C&I) real estate would like to continue growing; now is the time to unlock new revenue models. Turn your logistics building(s) into a sustainable energy and mobility hub. The Mega Cube battery enables you to do so.

Product specifications:

  • Mega Cubes scalable and modular from 1 to 50 MWh
  • Integrated energy management system (EMS)
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Intelligent software services:
    PV-optimizer, Charge Controller and Peakshaver
  • Tier 1 long-life battery cells

Independent of fluctuating energy prices.

“Use the Mega Cube as
hedge against volatile energy prices
whilst also reducing
your CO2 emissions.”

Wiebe Jan Emsbroek, Commercial Director Sunrock

Mega Cube for industrial use