Grid congestion

An energy transition limiting factor that doesn’t have to stop you as an entrepreneur to become more sustainable.

What is grid congestion?

Grid congestion describes a situation where the available grid capacity is no longer sufficient for the demanded grid capacity. The European energy network is becoming increasingly congested. Grid congestion is a major challenge for the energy transition and, in some cases, even for economic growth.

We see inadequate grid capacity increasing at both regional and national level within European countries. Both on off-take of electricity and on feed-in of energy, grid congestion is a major problem.

Grid capaciteit

Your own grid capacity depends on two things. Firstly, you agree a certain grid capacity with a grid operator in a contract, which is usually called contracted capacity. You can expand this capacity by requesting a higher contracted capacity with your grid operator. This increases your grid management costs.

In addition, your grid capacity depends on the physical cable connecting you to the energy network. To put it simply, a thinner cable means less grid capacity and a thicker one means more. You can request the grid operator to increase the size of your connection. This is a very costly procedure, and only possible if there is not already grid congestion in your area.

Become independent of the grid

A smart battery system allows you to take back control. Don’t be limited by your grid capacity but store and manage your own generated energy. 

grow your company

No need to invest in a
larger grid connection

Use self-generated
clean energy

The Cubes

Don’t be limited by your grid connection with one of our Cubes.

Power Cube

  • 30kW of power
  • Expandable capacity up to 144kWh
  • Expandable power up to 60kW

Power Cube Modular

  • 62,5kW of power
  • Expandable capacity up to 1MWh
  • Expandable power up to 500kW

Mega Cube Modular

  • from 500kW of power
  • Expandable capacity starting from 1MWh
  • Expandable power starting from 500kW

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