About iwell

About iwell

I am iwell. I will help you in becoming more sustainable, to scale and grow, become independent of the weather and ensure you of a great business case.

nature's energy

At iwell, we want clean and affordable energy for all; one of the biggest challenges of our time. Cleaner air, cleaner water and a healthier planet. A sustainable power supply is needed to achieve these goals. Institutions move slowly, there’s too much talking. At the same time, we are impatient.  That’s why we are taking matters into our own hands and are building a truly sustainable power supply.

We combine sustainable goals with business models. We believe if you enable business as a force for good, you will accelerate and have a bigger impact on slowing down climate change. With our smart energy storage solutions, we rebuild the European energy infrastructure. From centrally managed, fossil and predictable towards local, clean and dynamic. Building by building.

We help you make your
sustainable ambitions a reality.

We ensure that companies that want to grow sustainably can do so.

We prevent grid congestion from getting in the way of your sustainable ambitions.

"I want to do business by doing the right thing. That's when you really make an impact. Not waiting for regulations or the government. I often ask myself: what can I do today to make a climate-neutral society a reality more quickly? I don't believe in pointing the finger at everyone for their behaviour. I go for an optimistic story. Of opportunities, earning models and thinking big. In short, improve the world start a business. This is how we rebuild Europe's energy infrastructure at iwell."

How it started

Not founded on the attic of a house full of students, but on a road bike.


iwell is founded by Jan Willem, Vincent and Harm while touring on their road bike.


We are scaling up our production capacity considerably.


Our first energy storage project is a reality.


Our team is starting to grow significantly to get us ready for scaling up again.


We expand and move to a cool office on the terrain of an active energy plant in Utrecht.


Grid congestion reaches a new high while energy prices skyrocket. The world is realising: we need storage, NOW!


We are successfully bringing investors on board.


We are now experiencing rapid growth that we are managing into structural growth. We’ve opened our first international office in Düsseldorf.

The people of iwell

Meet the people of iwell, a rapidly growing team of extraordinary and talented individuals that make the iwell ambition a reality. With a shared vision to challenge the norm and put our money where our mouth is, our people are the driving force behind iwell’s smart battery systems.

From seasoned engineers and software developers to creative thinkers and customer-focused business developers, our diverse team brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We believe in the power of our people to change the course of the energy transition. We celebrate successes, learn from misses, and have fun.

Located internationally

Our ‘iwellers’ are located in both The Netherlands, where it all started, and in Germany, where we have set up our first international office. The teams work closely together to provide all of our clients with the best solution possible.

🇳🇱 Utrecht (HQ)

Our main office is located in Utrecht, which is also the city we were founded.

Contact info
Pythagoraslaan 2
3584 BB Utrecht
Reachable from 08.00 till 18.00
085 – 130 35 72

🇩🇪 Düsseldorf

Our German office is located within the eastern part of Düsseldorf, it's our first - but not our last - international office.

Contact info
Erkrather Str. 401
401231 Düsseldorf
Reachable from 08.00 till 18.00
+31 6 48 27 95 57

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